Teens’ and Youth Fellowship

Who we are?

Galilee Teens’ and Youth Fellowship is for ages of 13-21. We have weekly meetings on every Saturday at 3:30-5:30 pm.

What’s our purpose?

To Know Christ and Make Him Known

What’s our activities like?

Our Saturday Activities are meant to minister to the physical, mental, social and most importantly the spiritual needs of the teens and youths.

On every 1st Saturday, we have messages by invited speakers.

On every 2nd Saturday, we have Outings during which we have different activities such as cycling, hiking, games outside of Church.

On every 3rd Saturday, we have Bible Study for the teens and youths to grow deeper in their understanding of God’s Word.

On every 4th Saturday, we have Combined Meetings with either other fellowship groups in Galilee Church or youth groups from other BP Churches, and other miscellaneous programs such as tracting, cottage meetings, and Brothers’ and Sisters’ Appreciation Nights.

When there is a 5th Saturday, there would also be miscellaneous programs similar to the 4th week programs.

How to get involved with us?

You are free to join us on any Saturdays at 3:30 pm in Galilee Church at the 3rd floor Mandarin Worship Service Room (#03-01). If you have any questions, you are free to email in to the contact person below.

Contact Person:

Mr David Cher: davidcher@galileebpchurch.org